Fifty Years of Frost
This six part series of television programmes will show how Sir David’s remarkable career reflected the social and political changes of the times through which he lived. From the groundbreaking satire of That Was the Week That Was to the Nixon Interviews, from Robert Kennedy to John Wayne and Margaret Thatcher to Paul McCartney, hundreds of interviews form a prism through which we can view the past. Accompanied by contributions from some of those who were interviewed and from those who knew him best, Fifty Years of Frost will not just be a record of an unparalleled career but a unique window into history. A Million Miles Away
A feature film based on the real-life story of Kenyan slum-dweller, Sammy Gitau. It will tell the incredible story of how Sammy realises his dream of going to university in Britain and how an unlikely friendship with Alex Walford, an English aid worker helps him to overcome the obstacles in his path. Alex too has his demons but together this “odd couple” manage the impossible. It is a tremendous tale of courage, trust, determination and above all, hope.

A television adaptation of the bestselling series of novels featuring the Tudor detective Matthew Shardlake. Created by author CJ Sansom, Shardlake walks a tightrope between solving crime and surviving the dangerous court of Henry VIII where sudden death is a fact of life. The novels are remarkable for their period accuracy and this gripping television drama will be soaked in the sights, smells and sounds of Tudor England.

Through the Keyhole
Still going strong after thirty years, Keyhole, presented by Sir David Frost, has been broadcast on ITV, SKY and BBC – now in its latest incarnation, Keith Lemmon fronts a new-look Through the Keyhole on ITV.